Your Partner in Public Service – What Does That Mean?

Since its inception, Public Management & Funding Services has had as its mission to be Your Partner in Public Service. While much of our efforts do involve researching and developing grant proposals, we offer a variety of services that can benefit public sector organizations. Some examples, from services to past and current clients, include:
• Management/administration of awarded grants. This can involve a range of activities from handling grant project reporting to assisting the client in changing the terms of the grant in the event that the project changes.
• Developing policies, programs and documents. This can involve writing ordinances, developing procurement policies and manuals, and providing recommendations on policies and issues facing local governments.
• Studies. We can perform a large scope of research and produce reports on areas of interest, such as Benchmarking, Fee Studies, Marketing Plans or any of the types of things that elected officials and boards request of their staff.
• Naming Rights and Sponsorships. We can develop programs to assist organizations in obtaining funds through other sources than grants.
Most organizations today have experienced significant reductions in staff; but the demand from constituents and governing bodies has not subsided. In fact, it is often the opposite, as elected officials challenge their staffs to do more research, create more reports, and find new ways to secure funds. Managers are increasingly stretched to find time to meet these demands, and in many cases have lost the staff members who would have been qualified to do the work.
Public Management & Funding Services can help, at a cost that is less than doing it in house. I invite you to send me an email or give me a call. Explain your challenge and see what we can do. There is no obligation or downside to exploring us as an alternative.
I hope to hear from you soon!
– Harry