How do you stack up against your competition? Or against other agencies providing similar services locally and nationwide? Benchmarking is how many organizations are beginning to answer those questions and to make their constituents aware of the efficiency with which their services are delivered. The establishment of meaningful benchmarks can provide a tool for making a variety of decisions, from budget allocation to event scheduling. It can also be a useful tool for comparison against similar organizations to ensure that your customers, clients or constituents are receiving comparable or better service for the money they invest in you. Nationally, the establishment of service and maintenance standards, which include benchmarks by which those standards can be measured, has been undertaken by professional organizations and universities. The budget crises of the past several years has prompted all agencies to closely examine their operations in order to find ways to provide the best possible service to the public with ever-declining revenues.

I have long believed that a manager who is proactive has the best chance of preserving the integrity of his/her organization. Being aware of emerging trends allows you to take the initiative and to begin working on the types of things that your governing bodies will eventually want to explore. In many cases, proactivity allows the manager to take control of the organization’s destiny to a greater degree, recommending initiatives that will work for the organization, rather than waiting until something is imposed upon you that may be well-intentioned but misguided. A review of municipal budgets in my state reveals that benchmarking is increasingly being used to report to citizens the extent to which agencies are meeting goals and objectives. And elected officials are becoming more and more interested in how their cities compare with others, using similar benchmarks.

Why not take the first step today in getting a jump on the trend? Whether you have been asked to develop and compare benchmarks for your organization, or want to move ahead with a study and recommendations on your own, we have experience in the process and can help. Give us a call today!